CG Sportsbooks is offering a bonus for new accounts. They required videos and digital collateral.

Sportsbooks Screens Video

This video was also resized for the betting carrels while they’re not in use.

Onsite Videos

Version: Escalator Overhead for the Venetian
Version: Silverton Marquee (334 x 152)

These versions were modified to have less text and animation for easier reading outdoors. The Venetian/Palazzo version also includes a list of sportsbooks locations within their properties.

POPs of Videos in Action

List of Onsite Videos Created

  • Venetian: breezeway entrance, escalator overhead
  • Palazzo: Sands Ave bridge marquee, rotunda
  • Silverton: exterior marquee

Prints within the Sportsbooks

standing banner and countersign

Digital Billboards


Horizontal example:

Square example:

Vertical example: