Status: This project was CANCELLED. The company decided to cancel this contest in lieu of a different promotion.

I was tasked with motion graphics, video editing, and graphic art. For the Intro & Outro, I was requested to create “something spicy”, something more dynamic from the current minimalistic guideline. For everything else, I was to keep the standard branding guidelines of minimal, black background, orange & white bold text.

Motion Graphics

  • Intro
  • Title/Captions/Corner Logo
    (reused from Bet Like a Boss)
  • Outro
  • Simple Slates to show Contest Information
Intro Animation. Due to the initial time requirements, this was fine-tuned from a previously used template.
Outro created specifically for this contest to emphasize the large prize pool.


After receiving footage, I was responsible for all post-production work including color correction, sound editing, and video editing.

The contest ended up being cancelled, so this project was cut early in the rough work in progress stage. Unfortunately, I am unable to show the rough cut here.


Originally, the plan was to have digital billboards, google ads, website graphics, and printed material & ad within the sportsbooks.

While the text was still to be determined, the brief consisted of having words like, “Gridiron, Pigskin, and Blitz” in mind. I was given samples of crests and imagery to emulate as potential graphics to use.

Since it was cancelled, all following graphics were all in the very early planning stage.


The first revision consisted of different typefaces in 2 phrases. The second revision consisted of chosen typefaces in 3 phrases in a variety of gold gradients (to emphasize the large prize pool). The third revision (below) has the chosen typeface & gradient, now in different combinations with the company’s logo.


Digital Billboards