Graphics Dept was tasked with modernizing the art for 20 slot games and setting up the front-end within unity. Our deadline was 1 month.


graphics & animations: photoshop, illustrator, lightwave, maya
front-end: unity, NGUI, 2dtk

The whole project has 2D, 3D, animation, and audio elements.


All the assets we had were sized for a 675 x 480 screen. We needed a rework at a much higher resolution, with major upgrades throughout.



Overall Screens

The background has animated elements, such as the sky, clouds, and water moving serenely. The sound was focused on natural calm water and birds. If you win, it would trigger a sword slicing animation with audio.


These were combined into a long strip, one normal and one blurred for when the wheel spins. They were placed on a 3d cylinder that emulates a traditional slot machine.


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Unused 3D Elements

These were created for future use. The long-term plan was that these games would eventually make their way over to mostly 3D elements, with every thing animated in a 3D space (Unity).

Katana (modeled, textured, and rendered in Lightwave)

Misc Textured (2D elements given some texture via normals in Maya)

Dharma (modeled, textured, and rendered in Maya)